Sold! Treeland DL18 Portable Whole Tree Chipper

Whole tree chippers, such as the Treeland DL18 Portable Whole Tree Chipper provide an efficient and convenient solution for loggers wishing to expand their operations by using every part of the tree for profit. Even the leftover slash can be processed and reused for revenue. Wood chips can then be used in a variety of ways, such as garden mulch, walking/hiking trails or filling playgrounds. Or, the chips can be further processed after the chipper to be used for paper making. As the push toward alternative fuels sources increases, governments and industries are looking toward the advantages provided from using wood chips as a source of power generation.

Tree Chipper Tree Chipper Tree Chipper

A wood chipper is used to turn large tree limbs or trunks into reusable wood chips or sawdust. Wood chippers are generally portable and are powered by an internal combustion engine. They are made of a hopper with a collar, a chipper mechanism and sometimes come with a collection bin for the chips. The limbs are inserted into the hopper and pass through the collar and through the chipping blades. The chips exit through a chute and are typically one to two inches across. Depending on the use of the wood chips, the process either stops here and the chips are used as mulch in some sort of ground cover, or they are sent through a digester for papermaking.

There are a variety of wood chippers. The three most commonly used types are high torque roller chippers, drum chippers and disk chippers. High torque rollers use the high-torque, low-speed grinding rollers that are becoming more and more popular in residential use. They are driven by an electric motor and are very quiet, dust-free and self-feeding. These machines often come equipped with an anti-jamming device. Drum chippers are run by a large steel drum that spins toward the output chute and serves as the feed mechanism; this type was one of the first chippers commercially available and is still in production today. Historically, this type had many safety issues, but newer models have overcome these disadvantages with digitally controlled reversible hydraulic feed wheels and muffling systems. These newer models are also able to handle larger diameter materials. The disk chipper is a newer design that uses a steel disk with knives mounted on it as the chipping mechanism. Reversible hydraulic wheels draw the material from the hopper toward the disk. As the disk spins, the knives shred the wood into chips and the output is thrown out the chute. This design is preferred when chips of a uniform size and shape are needed and is the most commonly used model by commercial tree care companies.

The Treeland DL18 Portable Whole Tree Chipper is powered by a 475 hp Cat diesel engine. This chipper comes equipped with knuckleboom loader for ease of transporting and loading trees into the chipper, increasing efficiency. Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC is constantly replenishing its stock; to see all wood waste recycling equipment available now, click here. To see full company inventory of all products, click here.

Tree Chipper Tree Chipper Tree Chipper

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