Sold! FOX Model 60 Vertical Baler

Balers condense misshapen material into a small, easy to manage cube of bale, making it a useful machine to own at any sized company or facility because of the cost cutting benefits provided from storing and transporting waste as a small, compacted bale, rather than getting rid of it as loose waste. This makes balers useful in almost any industry. Balers that are used properly and for a specific purpose always yield great paybacks.

An added plus to owning a baler is that they supply the operator with trash weight information. Although it is nearly impossible to keep track of this with loose trash, it is fairly easy with bales. Because the operators know the average weight of each bale, all they need to do is keep track of the number of baled cubes in order to figure out the total amount of estimated weight produced in a certain period of time.

There are two types of balers, vertical and horizontal. The biggest difference between the two is the way they compress the waste. As their name indicates, vertical balers compact material from above, while horizontal balers compact material from side to side. On average, vertical balers tend to have a smaller footprint than horizontal balers and are usually meant to be manually loaded and operated. They can often be run by just one person, making them ideal for smaller facilities or industries that don’t compact enough waste to require a horizontal baler.

The Fox Model 60 Vertical Baler is powered by a 7.5 hp, 230/460 V, 3-phase electric motor. It has a 4 inch cylinder and produces 60″ wide x 30″ deep x 42″ tall cube of bale that weighs between 700-1000 pounds. It has been fully renovated to good, working condition and comes equipped with a pull down gate and controls.

Baler Baler Baler

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