This Just In: Al-Jon Model 580CL Car Logger

This Al-Jon Model 580CL Car Logger is useful for baling anything from loose scrap metal to white goods to full size cars and trucks. It is a road legal transport and only requires one person to operate. The logger has an L box design baling chamber that can produce 8-10 tons of loose scrap per hour or 25 car bodies per hour. The bale chamber is 10’ wide x 19’ 3” long and releases 40” wide x 25” high x variable length cubes of bale with a 30-80 lbs./ cubic foot density.

Car Logger

The car logger comes with a crane with a 25’ 8” reach and a 4000 lbs. lift capacity. The crane allows a 540 degree rotation and comes with a fully equipped cab including AC/ Heater and joy stick controls.

The auto recycling industry plays an important role in the conservation of natural resources through the recycling and reuse of vehicle parts and scrap metal. With scrap steel and iron prices averaging around $250 per ton, not only is the industry environmentally friendly, it is also profitable. The car logger or baler is a key piece of equipment in this industry.

Around 65% of a junked car is steel and recycling this metal uses up around 75% less energy than making new steel. Buying recycled steel is cheaper too because new ore does not have to be mined to produce it. With all steel today made up of at least 25% recycled steel, and the number of products made of solely recycled steel increasing, recycling cars has become a vital link in the world’s industrial infrastructure. This fact shows how lucrative a business the auto recycling industry is.

This large horizontal baler is able to compress material tighter than vertical balers are often capable of and can handle larger amounts of material, making it a viable option for industries beyond just auto and salvage yard recycling. This unit is ideal for industries and businesses that produce large quantities of recyclable waste and wish to bale this waste often. Its large intake capacity also makes it suitable for bulky waste. Baling drastically reduces the cost of transportation and storing of the material because baled waste takes up significantly less space than loose waste.

Al-Jon car balers and loggers are known for producing a higher return on investment compared to other brands, making this used model at the Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC low price a steal. Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC is constantly replenishing its stock; to see all auto recycling and salvage yard equipment available now, click here. To see full company inventory of all products, click here.

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  1. Love the look of your equipment! I would love to see a video of it in action.