Car Crusher Specials: Price Reduced to Sell MAC Portable Car Crusher and Al-jon 400 Plus Logger Baler!

Price Reduced to Sell!

With the reduced price of buying used and the industry only growing in profitability, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the availability of this Price Reduced to Sell MAC Portable Car Crusher and this Price Reduced to Sell Al-jon Logger Baler.

The primary reason to crush cars is so that they take up less space. This drastically reduces the transportation and storing cost. After crushing the car down to a more compact form, auto salvage yards will ship the metal off to be sold as scrap steel. Scrap steel and iron prices average around $250 per ton, making auto recycling a profitable industry. Around 65% of a junked car is steel, with the other 35% made up of other metals, glass, rubber and upholstery.

Recycling this metal uses up around 75% less energy than making new steel. Buying recycled steel is cheaper too because new ore does not have to be mined to produce it. With all steel today made up of at least 25% recycled steel, and the number of products made of solely recycled steel increasing, recycling cars has become a vital link in the world’s industrial infrastructure. This fact shows how lucrative a business the auto recycling industry is. The auto recycling industry plays an important role in the conservation of natural resources through the recycling and reuse of vehicle parts and scrap metal.

There are two primary types of car crushers,  “pancake” compactors and baling press compactors. The “pancake” kind flatten the scrap automobile with a huge descending hydraulically-powered plate, while the baling press type compress the auto from several directions until it resembles a large cube.

The MAC Portable Car Crusher falls into the “pancake” category of crushers. The MAC Portable Car Crusher is powered by a Detroit 471 diesel engine. It comes equipped with a cab with controls and is mounted on a heavy-duty axle trailer. The tire walls are good with no leaks, and both of the main cylinders are being repacked with new seals. The crusher is in good working condition.

Car Crusher Car Crusher

The curved box design and large loading chamber of the Al-jon Model 400 Plus Logger Baler ensures the most efficient processing of bulky loose scrap, including white goods and gauge material, possible. This baler has been almost completely rebuilt with new seals, new hydraulic lines, new floor/table, new tires and wheels, new paint and decals. Al-jon has 40 year of experience in building portable scrap equipment, making them uniquely qualified to manufacture this rugged high-production machine. Al-Jon car balers and loggers are known for producing a higher return on investment compared to other brands. This machine is powered by a Cummins 5.9 liter diesel engine. It comes equipped with a cab with A/C and heat, a loader/grapple and comes mounted on a heavy-duty axle trailer.

The 3-way compression process is controlled from the operator cab with a fully-automatic final compression. The increased hydraulic power allows the operator to sort and stack the material during the automatic baling cycle, thus eliminating lost labor time and minimizing labor costs. The solidly-built iron structure is constructed to withstand the demands of the job. This large horizontal baler is able to compress material tighter than vertical balers are often capable of and can handle larger amounts of material, making it a viable option for industries beyond just auto and salvage yard recycling. This unit is ideal for industries and businesses that produce large quantities of recyclable waste and wish to bale this waste often. Its large intake capacity also makes it suitable for bulky waste.

This portable baler is fully road legal and can be run as a one-man operation. The loading grapple has a 360 degree continuous rotation, providing a quick and easy material handling and loading process. The Al-jon 400 Plus Logger Baler comes equipped with four corner hydraulic outriggers for added stability. The high visibility from the operator’s station ensures high labor productivity and minimal downtime. The entire baler cycle is fully-automatic, consisting of bale chamber doors closing, ram in and out, bale chamber doors open.

Baler Baler

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